Sunday, December 18, 2011

Midwife appt and ttc again

I had an appt to see my midwife Jamie 12/15..but instead of seeing my midwife in Waconia(she got called to do a delivery), I had to go see a different midwife Gina in Chaska. I loved Gina, she's so nice. When the time comes, I think i'll see them both lol..not sure if that is possible though. Gina told me to keep taking my Metformin and my prenatal b/c there are studies that have been done that say that women with PCOS become pregnant, the metformin helps to reduce the risk of miscarriage. I havent started taking the metformin yet, because I need to call Jamie or Gina's office Monday and see what was said about my next steps (gina was going to call jamie to talk about what i had discussed with her at the appt). I have positive thoughts, and I just do not want to go through any infertility treatments--no more than clomid/femara or injectibles, mainly b/c we're still trying to pay off our debts and we are not fully starting the TMMO until next week or january. We're hoping to have my one small hospital bill paid off at the end of the month and that would help us tremendously. We then would have our clinic bill (close to 4k), my car (5k), and DH's hospital bill (23k). I am still hoping to be almost debt free come 2015..but that is a hope not a goal, because i have student loans that will come into repayment Sept 2013 6 mo after I am due to graduate college, and then there is our house too..which is ok to keep paying the amount, because we are in no hurry to pay off our house..but after all our debts are taken care of, we'll probably pay more a month since we'll have the money to do that.

As far as getting pregnant goes, we'll continue to try probably starting again in january or february it depends on a number of things though. We have talked about it and we'll try naturally until april, then after that we'll try clomid/femara and injectible if need be. We are also excited because we're finally going on vacation! We're going to Kississimee/Orlando in March and we're staying at the Westgate Vacation Villas -- my stepdad's condo! so excited! we'll be there for a week..and it is so much needed!

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