Monday, November 28, 2011

Dentist and Post-Op Appt and An Update

It's been 6 days since my D&C and 28days since peanut stopped growing. I'll never ever forget when I found out peanut stopped growing. My husband and I are not quite ready to start trying for Hudson's little brother or sister (i know i know, baby was only 6w4d when stopped growing, but my gut told me baby was a boy, so we named him Hudson James). We're hoping we'll feel comfortable enough to start trying Jan/Feb/March or when the doctor says its okay. My post op appt is in a little over a week and hoping to hear good news back.

I decided to start getting my teeth fixed, because I knew something was up, well I got my teeth cleaned this morning, and they never felt better. Come to find out, i am in the early stage of Peridontitis and it will take 2 appointments each 1 hour long to treat it/make it go away..then to come to a check up every 3months to make sure things are still going good..then after i've done that for 6mo, then i'm back to regular 6mo check ups. I also have a referral to get my wisdom teeth out..oh joy! So that's another thing i need to check around for pricing..might just go to my mom's dentist next time i'm home or something.

I also finally got my husband in to the dentist, his first appt is to see the dentist and talk about what to do/treatment options -- mainly b/c his teeth are soft, no enamel left on them and he has a cracked/half tooth that needs to be taken out or replaced with a permanent implant. I really need him to get his teeth cleaned, so that appt for him is in 2 weeks..which i'll probably need to go with him to, like usual.

I was finally able to go shopping, got myself 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, 8 things from victorias secret, seasons 1-3 of burn notice, and of course some lovely bath and body works stuff! I also have my mom, and my sister half done for christmas, and i have my step mom completely done. Hopefully I can get the rest of gifts bought within the next couple weeks..i'll have to shop around! I usually try to buy for my stepbrothers..but each year my sister and I buy for them..but we never receive anything in this year if they don't buy for us...we are not buying for them for a change..which my dad agrees makes sense..its not fair for us to buy for them and them not have to buy for us.

I'm back at work, after my miscarriage..and it has helped me stay busy and keep my mind off of it, so that's good..but not sure when i'll be able to get my wisdom teeth done..hopefully before christmas


  1. I use Dr. Ellie Phillips mouth care system.

    I don't buy any of the products on her website. They are too expensive.

    I rinse with Closys (I buy it in bulk on Amazon). Then brush with regular Crest. Then follow that with Listerene and ACT. I have xylitol crystals that I use after meals. I have still had to have a crown on one tooth. But that tooth had a large filling from childhood. I had a place on my gum that was uber sensitive to cold and sweet. I had used Sensodyne toothpaste for years. It no longer bothers me at all.

  2. Hmm. Thanks, I'll have to look into that.