Monday, November 7, 2011

6/7 Week Update

I am 7w3d today. I have 9 days til my first appt! It's so exciting! I do want to start taking belly pics..but since I was bigger when I got pregnant to begin with -- it makes me wonder when i'll actually be showing. Things have been going pretty good -- i have not really had any morning sickness..its mostly when I think of the smell of something//smell what's cooking -- then i am nauseas. Last night DH made those party pizzas by totinos..and thinking of the smell of them just made me nauseas. I don't eat a whole lot, my appetite is mostly gone..but i do make sure i eat 3x a day for meal wise. I've cut wayy back on caffeine. If i want some pop -- i make sure it is the caffeine free stuff..but i am allowed up to 2 cans of caffeine a day..but i never go over that. I've been drinking alot of juice too which is great. I've been trying to drink alot of water..but it doesnt work out that way. I wanted to cloth diaper this baby, but not sure if i'll be able to right away..pretty sure we'll probably wait til baby is 4-6months before we start to cloth.

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