Friday, October 21, 2011

Beta Levels and How I'm Feeling..

As you all know, my 1st beta hcg came back at 260. My 2nd beta hcg more than doubled in 48 came back at 700! Baby is growing! I have not had much for cramping--other than what is the normal. I have not had any bleeding/spotting so that is good! My midwife kept me on progesterone just incase, because of my past pregnancies. I am pretty sure the other times i've been pregnant..they were either early m/c or chemical pregnancies. I am 5wks pregnant today! 3 1/2 weeks til our first appointment! Hopefully, DH can come to that appt, because we'll be able to see our baby for the first time and hopefully hear the heartbeat! among other things. I am sure Benny knows something is up, he always sleeps near my head, by my back or at my feet when we go to bed. I have extra opk's left over from months ago, so i decided to take one..the test line is wayyyy darker than the control line! yepp, my eggo is preggo! I took a cheapie hpt also..yepp they've gotten much darker! baby is still growing.

We've narrowed down our boys names to Bryson and Hunter. DH need to get used to Bryson, because I feel like that will be our child's name if my intuition is right. I feel like this baby is a boy. When I go to the store, I do not even look at girl stuff -- its straight to the boy stuff. I know its super early, but I picked out my crib! I love it! I just wish these next weeks would fly by, then I could buy it.

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