Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ttc Update, Pregnancy Miracle E-book?!, Finals, Baby things, and Vitamins!!

I was searching for other ttc blogs on google, and came across this "Pregnancy Miracle" ebook. I read it, and it just had the same information over and over. It's funny how when you're infertile and battling infertility that all these companies have just the right "thing for you to get you pregnant." I did not believe it of course, it is all common sense. You need to eat the right foods, possibly start thinking about acupuncture and getting healthy for that baby that you hope to be pregnant with soon enough.

I have finals this week, so it is crunch time. I am hoping and praying that i pass my Medical Coding class, because I really do not want to have to re take it! but if i do, i will probably end up going on campus because it would make more sense to take there versus online. Every other class I am taking I am doing good in!

I was supposed to see my RE this cycle, but I put it off til the end of the month when AF is supposed to show around September 27th. DH (my love) usually tries to come with to my appointments because he likes to know what happens during them. I've decided to not tell him when im ovulating, or close..even though he knows i use the opks. Today, was a different thing. When i don't tell him when i get a + opk, he spends more time with me which is good and that leads to being intimate.

When it is our time to have a baby, we're prepared. I have been pregnant 4x in the past year and a half. Each time i've been pregnant, we've bought something. When i was pregnant in July 2010, we bought baby bedding. When I was pregnant in August 2010, we bought a pack and play. When I was pregnant in March 2011, We bought a swing. When we were pregnant in June 2011, we bought a high chair. These are all things that the safety would not expire for a while. I hope that it is our time for our miracle soon, i've been so sad about it lately.

I started taking Vitagummies, the Multivitamin's because I think i am lacking most of the vitamins. Plus they're i do not need to swallow any thing! and they're sooo good! I've heard that Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) helps with fertility, along with  vitex, maca, and guaifenesin.

This is where i ordered the epo, vitex, maca & guaifenesin from Baby Dreamers TTC Supplies
The seller is great, and everything is well priced. She has a fertility enhancement package right now---1 bottle of EPO, 3 bottles of maca & 1 bottle of guaifenesin for $45..)but if you want to add a bottle of vitex instead of 3 can be 2 maca and 1 vitex, you can still get it for 45 incl. shipping!)

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