Friday, September 16, 2011

Switching Doctors

Lately I've been thinking of finding a new ob. Mine doesn't seem like she wants to deal with me since referring me to a reproductive endocrinologist. I began researching ob/gyn near me and found Western OB/GYN Women's Health Center in Waconia. I have talked it over with my love, and he thinks its worth a shot--maybe we can find out about why I keep having these recurrent miscarriages. We do not have issues getting pregnant..its making it stick past the first trimester.

I have wanted to give up.and quit many times, but here I am still ttc 25months and counting. Our miracle is on its way...just a matter of when..when god thinks we are ready.

"Never give up on something that's worth fighting for"
"Even miracles take a little time"

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