Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Herbal Supplements, Work Update and School

I know I know, this is supposed to be my ttc/infertility blog..but sometimes I don't have much to blog about in relating to ttc or infertility. I started taking Maca Root -- it can help with stress, libido, sperm count(for males) and help regulate hormones. I know a couple of women who took maca and it did help with regulating hormones and helped achieve pregnancy by helping with progesterone. This was just some information I found. I had a meeting at work earlier and I found out that Shelby will be moving out of the house I work in this weekend, it came as a shock but it is something we'll have to deal with. Best luck to her in her new house though. I have started working alot lately, and will be completely exhausted by the end of next week. Ever since starting Maca, I have noticed that I have alot more *TMI* ewcm than normal, maybe that is from the maca or maybe it is from the infection i developed due to the antibiotic I was taking.

I am currently on a 2 week break from school before the quarter starts on October 3. Honestly, I cannot wait to start school again because I am completely bored! and the classes i'll be taking I think will be semi-easy. I am taking Word for Windows and Pathophysiology. My gpa went down .23 mainly because I did not pass my Basic Coding class and I have made arrangements to re-take it next quarter and pass it at that time. I am aiming for a 3.0-3.5gpa. I should graduate next december, due to only taking 2 classes, instead of 3 this quarter. After I graduate, I plan on going back for either HIT or Medical Assistant. I still have plenty of time to think about it though.

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