Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cloth Diapering, MFP and Doctor Appt

MFP stands for My Fitness Pal. I have been tracking my calories for the past couple months. I have lost a total of 14lbs (without exercise) since starting. I first started MFP in June, I lost my motivation and stopped, then started WW again. WW is great, but I did not lose weight on the program. I tried very hard for over a year, but my weight would just fluctuate too much for me. A friend suggested I try MFP and so I did. I started eating 1300-1490 calories a day, I eat 3 meals a day with a snack or two depending on how many calories I had left at that time. I never thought I would be able to lose weight, especially with having pco/pcos.

My husband has mentioned to me a couple times that he would like to cloth diaper our child (whenever that child comes to us). I agreed because it would save alot of money. I started looking into cloth diapers and stubbled upon Best Bottom Diapers & Happy Heinys. I ordered 2 of the shells from amazon, though they are the Best Bottom diapers and 3 inserts for under $50. Not too bad considering how much money we'll be saving in the long run. I plan on buying a couple cloth diapers each month. I think I'll get 2 of the Happy Heinys next. The happy heinys do come with 2 inserts (when you order the cloth diaper, you get 2 inserts too..so you get all that for $18.95) not too shabby. I have looked at FuzziBunz, Happy Heinys, BumGenius, and gDiapers. Its alot to research, but if you're determined to save money and make sure its the best thing for your child it is not a bad idea to try. Alot of companies offer a trial period to try their cloth diapers and if you do not like them you can send them back. Cloth diapers also are known for now giving your child any type of diaper rash. You do not have to go by what I have researched--it is just what I have found and it is the best thing for my future child.

October 11, My husband and I have an appointment in Waconia to start seeing a new doctor.  This new office that we are going to has ob/gyn and midwives. The upside is that the clinic/center(its called Western Ob/Gyn Women's Health Center) has an relationship with an RE office in Minneapolis, and the RE come to the office 1x a week to see patients. That way the patients do not need to drive into the city just to see their RE. Don't get me wrong, I love love love my RE, i just hate driving in to the city just to be seen for 5-10min. I am hoping this new doctor will get me answers to my current questions.

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