Friday, August 19, 2011

Exercise is calming

I just took a walk with 2 clients at work. Shelby and Matilda, they had so much fun! Shelby was exhausted when we were almost done, but Matilda could have walked another few few blocks or for another half an hour. We walked a little over a mile I felt so good

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TTC Update and Stress

I know I have not updated in almost a month..I've been so busy with work, school and Benny (our dog). As of 8/2/11, we have decided to stop using opks, bbt or tracking//charting my cycles to ease the stress of ttc. Since James and I decided this, it has made trying for a baby much less stressful and it is not all about timing ovulation anymore...more about just us being intimate together and enjoying each other. In other words, we decided to try with out trying//not trying, not preventing. We were supposed to see my RE on 8/13/11 for him to monitor my cycles without any meds and a day or so before the appointment..we decided to just take a much need "ttc actively break" to work on myself and our debt. The less debt we have whenever we do get pregnant, the better. A little part of me does not want to quit actively ttc, but I know it is the best thing for us and our marriage. I have seen married couples fall apart because of the stress related to ttc and I do not want that for my husband and I. I am also looking into getting some yoga dvd's that can help with conception also.

Weight Watchers is amazing and I've lost 11/13lbs since starting it actively at the end of may/beginning of june which is wonderful! I never thought with me having pcos, that I would be able to lose weight without having a very difficult time doing so. As of August 16th, I have lost 5% of my start weight (when i started ww i was 249) and now (i am currently 236) yesssss! it feels so good. i have 36lbs to go to reach my almost pre-depo shot weight!