Thursday, July 14, 2011

Homework, Bloodwork & Work!

I am so excited! for once I am completely motivated to get all my homework in BEFORE this sunday's due date! I have one assignment left, and will be done by tonight! Yesterday, I went in to my clinic to get bloodwork done, because I wanted to get tested for factor v. lieden and mthfr mutation. My OB ordered 7, yes that's right 7 different tests! I don't remember all of what they are testing me for, but I do know that they're testing me for factor 5, factor 2, lupus, protein, protein deficiency, a.n.a & antithrombic (im not completely sure that all of these are right b/c the lab tech rambled all 7 off quickly). I am hoping to know something by next week! Tuesday, July 12th was my medication admin training to be able to pass meds at work! it was goood! i was so nervous to pass meds, and once I did it was a piece of cake. I am so glad to be out of training now, but there are going to be times where the ladies in the house will get me (i work with the developmentally disabled). I love my job, more than anything. I look forward to going to work everyday! :)

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