Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fertility Appt & Answers

Yesterday, I had my first fertility appointment with my new RE. After going through everything that he received from my OB/GYN, he asked questions and came to the conclusion that the only reason I would even need clomid is to produce better quality eggs. He did tell us that he believes that I do ovulate on my own without the help of clomid. We have never heard that before so we were kind of surprised. He ordered a blood test for me because he wants to check my chromosomes. There could be a chance that the reason we have miscarried 3 times in the past that james' chromosomes are 18 over 21 and my chromosomes are 21 over 18..they do not match up which would cause an early miscarriage. I did ask about low progesterone..and he said the only cause of low progesterone would be if I did not ovulate or if i did the low progesterone was pre-determined early in my cycle. He also said that if i am not pregnant, I am to call on day 1 of bleeding and schedule a day 12 ultrasound for a follow up. My dr is 1 1/2 hours away from me..but it is not a bad drive once you know where you are going. James came with because he had questions about everything too. I really feel good about this new doctor...he is sure that we'll be parents within the next 2 years & I cannot wait.

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