Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cycles & Ovacue FM

I'm hoping to get the ovacue fertility monitor by the end of this summer. I've heard good reviews about it (some were even by some women who have pcos like i do & did get pregnant..so hope is not lost). Its just a matter of talking dh into agreeing to let me get it lol. I really, have low expectations for getting pregnant this month. it stinks, i just dont feel like i timed it right. We will see though.
Im starting to wonder if I do o on my own or not(i know i have talked about this  issue before, but im not completely sure if i do or do not o). Since i have pcos, im not sure if i o every month or not. my cycles arent irregular though..which is a symptom of pcos. the only real symptom i have is the cysts on my ovaries, overweight (always a struggle..since getting off the depo shot)

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