Saturday, April 23, 2011

Couponing & Fertile Focus

Have anyone seen the new TLC series called "Extreme Couponing?" I have and I must stay, it looks pretty interesting. I want to learn how to coupon, but not the the extent the people on the show have, like I do not want a stockpile, i just want to cut my grocery bill in half. I think they take it beyond extreme, I watched an episode the other night, and a woman had enough noodles to last over 1 year, but yet she goes out shopping and picks up 112 more boxes! She already had 2 rooms dedicated to her stockpile and yet she already was telling her husband he had to give up his man cave because she NEEDED the space for her stockpile. Uhm, thats taking it a little far..Its glorified hoarding I believe.

I bought this fertile focus ovulation microscope. It is supposed to work better than OPKs. I tell you, it works wonders. Since I have pcos, i do not always ovulate. This cycle, I took my last prescription of clomid. As of this morning I have hit the transitional phase which means soon I shall hit the ferning phase. I love this thing! so much easier than bbt, or opks. non fertile=bubbles, transitional=bubbles & crystal like pattern and ferning=crystal like pattern all over! its amazing. All you do, is pop off the screen with you thumb, put some saliva  from under your tongue on the screen & let it dry for 5 min. When the 5 min is up, you put the screen back on, and press the light button and look into the light as if you were looking in a microscope. I suggest this little thing to anyone who's TTC!

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