Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Herbalife diet!

My mom recommended I look into the herbalife diet, so I looked into it last week, and ordered my kit/stuff last saturday and received them monday. I officially started the diet on 2/28, but i started/tried the products when i got them..and i've lost close to 4lbs. I drink 3 shakes a day, 100oz of water, 40oz of herbal tea, eat 1 regular meal, take vitamins. I can eat as much fruits and veggies as i want..they are free with the diet. I'm so happy i tried this diet! whoo hoo!

RE Appt Update!

I seen a new RE 2/23 and i must say, i think i got some good news! Since I already O on my own, he does not want me to take clomid or femara, b/c of possible over stimulation. Instead, he'll monitor me or have my midwife monitor me..and when they think i'll ovulate or close to it they'll give me a trigger shot and hope for the best. The RE also wants me to keep IUI on the back we'll see!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


School has taken up so much of my time lately, I have slacked on blogging lately. Valentines is 5 days away..and im not sure if james will do or get me anything..but I can only hope. I have an appt to see an RE, in 2wks and hopefully he gives me/us good news! We are kinda on a break, but kinda not..we aren't rushing anything we will see what happens!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update on Everythinggg!

I want to start off by saying that I will try to be more .... adamant about blogging 1-2x a week--whether it is completely random or ttc related.

My mom wrote a letter to my OB's office about the Nurse/Midwife whom we talked to after learning peanut was no longer with us. This nurse was downright rude, had no bedside manners, showed no sympathy or empathy, and had no compassion. She expected me to cope with the idea that we lost the baby 10minutes after learning this terrible news..that is unrealistic. She asked me how many times i've been pregnant and I told her 5 times. . . She smiled and asked how many kids I had at home. . . I said 0. She then went on to say "hold on, wait a minute, now i understand".  It does not matter how many kids someone has at home, a loss is a still cuts you deep. 

I have been playing catch up with homework most of the week -- my motivation is completely gone because I have been extremely exhausted. I work basically fulltime, plus fulltime school, plus everything else I need to do. Plus, i try to make it to the gym 2-3x a week and usually that doesnt happen.

As far as ttc goes, I am almost positive i had another chemical due to the fact i had 3-4 faintly positive tests 1/24-1/27 -- then started bleeding. I am hoping that our luck changes soon and we get blessed with a healthy pregnancy soon.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Cycle After Surgery and Everything Else Update

I started using the digital opks yesterday and wouldn't you know it..i got my positives which was not really a shock, because that meant my body is back to normal and hopefully our healthy bean is coming to us---soon! I started weight watchers again 1/3/12. Hoping to lose 30+lbs..but if i become pregnant in the next couple months i'll have to adjust my plan to cater my pregnant self (when the time comes). Today is cd11, and my opks is positive (i just used the cheapie this morning)..i should O by this weekend, which is great! i had a feeling this would be coming b/c i felt the pinching in my ovaries 2-3 days ago. Every 2 wks, we are going to try to set aside 200-250 for gas/groceries but it will mostly depend on what we need that week, and what/how many times I'll need to drive into New Ulm/Mankato/Waconia. We are getting a new stove today or tomorrow too! I am so excited! the one we have is super old, so it'll be nice to have a new stove that has a thermostat that actually works! annnnd its ceramic/glasstop thats a plus! ahhhh! I can't wait. Next, we'll have to look into a new pump for our dishwasher or possibly a new has become my new best friend! As for the TMMO, because it was James' birthday week..i didnt spend as much as i had wanted to pay off our bills. This next check, however will be starting. I have it kinda planned out in my head..but we'll see how much we will be able to all depends how much i work or how much James works..and if he gets overtime. If he does...great! if not, we will just have to adjust our TMMO, and pay what we think is reasonable.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Just as I thought, my cycle returned fully yesterday(1/2/12), a little over 5 weeks since my d&c. My midwife said, if my first cycle after the surgery seems normal for me, then we can try for our miracle then! I am excited, but we're also very cautious..all we have been doing lately is hoping and praying.

I have decided to start the Spark 24-day challenge by Avocare this month..I am ordering it on thursday. A friend is currently on it and has had i figure i'll give it a try and jumpstart my diet/weightloss. We're also fully, completely doing TMMO also, its hard because i dont feel like im paying enough towards bills, but in the long run i know it is what we need to do, to get them paid off.

Benny has been so good lately, we both cannot imagine life without him! he's our #1 baby. I really don't know what i would do w/o him..I probably would dwell on losing peanut. He's always so cute and playful. We <3 our pup!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Midwife appt and ttc again

I had an appt to see my midwife Jamie 12/15..but instead of seeing my midwife in Waconia(she got called to do a delivery), I had to go see a different midwife Gina in Chaska. I loved Gina, she's so nice. When the time comes, I think i'll see them both lol..not sure if that is possible though. Gina told me to keep taking my Metformin and my prenatal b/c there are studies that have been done that say that women with PCOS become pregnant, the metformin helps to reduce the risk of miscarriage. I havent started taking the metformin yet, because I need to call Jamie or Gina's office Monday and see what was said about my next steps (gina was going to call jamie to talk about what i had discussed with her at the appt). I have positive thoughts, and I just do not want to go through any infertility treatments--no more than clomid/femara or injectibles, mainly b/c we're still trying to pay off our debts and we are not fully starting the TMMO until next week or january. We're hoping to have my one small hospital bill paid off at the end of the month and that would help us tremendously. We then would have our clinic bill (close to 4k), my car (5k), and DH's hospital bill (23k). I am still hoping to be almost debt free come 2015..but that is a hope not a goal, because i have student loans that will come into repayment Sept 2013 6 mo after I am due to graduate college, and then there is our house too..which is ok to keep paying the amount, because we are in no hurry to pay off our house..but after all our debts are taken care of, we'll probably pay more a month since we'll have the money to do that.

As far as getting pregnant goes, we'll continue to try probably starting again in january or february it depends on a number of things though. We have talked about it and we'll try naturally until april, then after that we'll try clomid/femara and injectible if need be. We are also excited because we're finally going on vacation! We're going to Kississimee/Orlando in March and we're staying at the Westgate Vacation Villas -- my stepdad's condo! so excited! we'll be there for a week..and it is so much needed!